Where to find up-to-date mirrors on vk5.at

What to do if the KRAKEN doesn't work

What can you buy on vk5.at

Which browsers allow Kraken Onion login

vk5.at general shopping rules

In fact, the Kraken is a large black market site, so all the operations that are carried out here are strictly classified and will never fall into the field of view of third parties. In addition, the so-called secure delivery is a big plus of the site's secrecy. The courier and the buyer never see each other. You will simply be told the location of the delivery and at the time in the city you specified.

Kraken entrance

To buy a product on kraken onion, you first need to go to it, which does not always work the first time and the user suffers an unfortunate failure. The thing is that there are several reasons why access to the marketplace will be “closed”:
1. Wrong link used. If you used the wrong link, you are on the hook of scammers. So-called ill-wishers propagate similar addresses on the Internet so that you can never get to the Kraken trading platform. Conclusion - carefully check the address.
2. The entrance was carried out from a regular browser. Since the Kraken is forbidden site, you will never get to it from Yandex or Opera. They simply won't find it. For these purposes, TOR was created - a secure onion browser that you need to download and install on your device, and it will take you to your destination.